When you run a business, it’s important to give your customers the best experience possible. Things like customer service, all the way to the appearance of your storefront, can make a huge difference in how customers view your store. It can be easy to forget about your parking lot but it is often the very first impression a customer will have of your business. Nashville parking lot sealcoating & striping, lighting, and clearly legible signs are all important aspects to keep in mind when making that first impression. Have no fear, we are here to list three parking lot lighting and sign repair companies in Nashville, TN.

Big Dot Lighting Commercial LED Conversion, Installation & Repair

(931) 674-1411

Big Dot Lighting is a local Nashville lighting company that helps businesses save money and energy by installing and repairing parking lot lamp post LED lights. Switching to LED lights can save your company as little as one-third of your electrical expenses. You won’t have to spend any money out of pocket (yes, really!), and their customers typically break even in under 2 years from the purchasing date. LED lights also last a lot longer than typical light sources, so you won’t be spending as much money on maintenance. Big Dot Lighting even offers a 10 year warranty, so you can replace any bulbs that go out throughout the next decade for free! Switching to LED is pretty much a no brainer. Big Dot Lighting is a great option for Nashville parking lot lighting.

Harlan Electric Parking Lot Lighting Systems, Maintenance, & Repair

(615) 331-0007

Harlan Electric is a larger electric company, however their headquarters are conveniently located right here in Nashville, TN. They provide high quality electric service to the Middle Tennessee area, as well as Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. They opened their doors to Nashville in the year 1913, where they have proudly served the community ever since. There are a few benefits for you to work with Harlan Electric, and not just because they are nearby. In accordance with the customer coming first, they provide 24/7 service. They hold 4 specific beliefs and values close: integrity, perseverance, collaboration, and responsibility. Because of their commitment to the customer, they have a proven track record of numerous satisfied customers. You can trust Harlan Electric Company to provide the hands-on service your business needs.

Wilee Electric Inc. Commercial Bucket Truck Lighting & Sign Repairs

(615) 965-2984

Wilee Electric provides a variety of electrical services, including residential services and commercial services. Established in 1985, they proudly service the Middle Tennessee area, reaching communities all around Nashville. They even provide bucket truck services, which come in handy for business electrical repairs such as parking lot lights and sign lights. Wilee Electric has a large staff of highly trained professionals, so you can trust that the job gets done quickly, safely, and properly. They understand how important parking lot lighting and sign repairs can be for a business. They are well-equipped to handle any issue at your convenience so you can keep your business running. For high quality results and specialty electric services, contact Wilee Electric today.

We hope this list of parking lot lighting and sign repair companies helps you find the perfect fit for your Nashville business. For more information on improving the appearance and safety of your business’ parking lot, check us out at Hargrove Sealcoating for services like sealcoating, striping, asphalt crack repair, and more.

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