Snow and Ice doesn’t come very often in Middle Tennessee but when it does, you don’t want to be caught off guard, scrambling to find someone who can take care of your property. Be smart and have a plan in place for snow and ice before it becomes an issue for your property. We’ve gathered a list of 3 local Nashville companies that can help you keep your business’ parking lot free of ice and snow. And if you’re in need of parking lot sealcoating or striping services in Nashville, give us a call!

Smart Scapes, LLC

(615) 422-5263
208 Crutchfield Ave Nashville, TN 37210

Smart Scapes, LLC. has been an industry leader in Snow Plowing and Ice Removal in Middle TN for over a decade. They offer snow plowing contracts so you can feel secure knowing that you are on the top of the list to be taken care of when snow and ice arrive. Their crews are equipped with a detailed overview of their responsibilities in their snow and ice management duties and responsibilities. They’ve taken to pre-treating their clients business grounds in highly likely events of snow and ice and they’ll even provide snow removal pictures upon request.

Greenworks Landscape Design

(615) 595-5950
PO Box 682511 Franklin, TN 37068

Greenworks is ready to get your business safe for customers in the event of snow and ice. They remove snow in amounts of 1” and over using snow plow trucks and snow shovels. When they push snow, you can rest easy knowing they’ll look for the best way to remove the snow from a parking lot for the safety and convenience of your clients. If there is snow in amounts of 1” or less, they will use ice melt to burn the snow off. Ice control is tricky and it’s important to have a contractor that’s an expert on ice removal and the refreezing process. Greenworks uses an ice melt product that works below zero but won’t damage your property. Some contractors use inexpensive ice melt products can damage your plant material and paved surfaces.

Artisan Landscape Group, LLC

(615) 776-7456
7409 Tennessee Excavating Drive Nolensville TN 37135

Artisan’s boasts a wide contracted client base that includes homeowners associations, office buildings, retail centers and commercial business parks alike. Their well trained and knowledgeable staff will be sent out to your property any time snow accumulation occurs or whenever ice buildup creates a dangerous situation. Their team consists of skilled plow operators and grounds crew members to shovel your walks and steps and apply the proper amount of de-icing material to make your property safe. Included in all of Artisan’s snow removal contracts is their 24 hr. weather monitoring program. They will continuously monitor the changing weather conditions and will send out personnel accordingly. This service (which other companies charge a steep retainer fee for) eliminates the need for you to monitor the weather during the day and allows you to sleep well at night knowing that, if bad weather moves in, Artisan Landscape Group will be on the job before your alarm clock goes off.

Snow Removal and Ice Removal are both very important. Snow and Ice removal helps your clients stay safe in your business’s parking lot, helps reduce the risk of liability on you as the property owner, and helps keep revenue up by allowing your business to stay open during inclement weather. We hope our list of snow and ice removal companies proves helpful to you!