There many types of road and general construction materials used in Franklin TN. These materials are used in both road development and pavement, and in other kinds of construction including commercial and residential. Franklin has a large expanding ecosystem of infrastructure and development. We’re proud to service Franklin and the surrounding areas! Here are some common materials used in paving and other general construction in the area. In addition, I’ll address how they are made, and what are some of their various applications.


Asphalt is usually created using a mixture of sand, some kind of aggregate, and oil as a binding agent. It is then mixed together and heated up with temperatures getting up to 400 degrees! Usually, asphalt from today is processed from petroleum. Asphalt can be modified in a number of different ways. These can include: adding a cutting agent to make it more malleable, pulverizing, or emulsifying in an effort to gain the right consistency. Asphalt needs to remain warm while paving and this is part of the reason so much paving is done in the summer and springtime.  We’re fortunate that Tennessee & Franklin have such a mild climate. We’re able to provide Asphalt crack repair services for most of the year. You can see our homepage for more details. Frequently Asphalt falls into two large categories– flexible and rigid. The main difference between the two is found in the way that loads distribute across the subgrade. Flexible pavement flexes with any deformations found in the subgrade, where rigid type is much more firm and can be put down over a larger surface area of the subgrade.

Asphalt is a very versatile pavement material and is used in many different capacities and circumstances. It can be used to pave roads, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, golf cart paths, airport runways and racetracks and others. You’ve probably seen it visiting almost any local business – like this added picture outside of Tate Eble DDS – a local dentist off Hwy 96. In short, it’s everywhere! Asphalt is also a flexible pavement type.  There is a certain viscous nature of Asphalt which allows it to sustain certain levels of deformation. Too much though, and it can break which is why crack repair is so common. Usually, Asphalt is laid on a layer of gravel which is usually as thick as the layer of asphalt.

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Concrete another very common type of road pavement around here. It’s made from a combination of cement, water, and some kind of aggregate. You’ve likely seen many example of this mixing process in TV and film. Once the concrete is wet, it can be shaped and transformed to make almost anything– from roads to skyscrapers. Sometimes wonderful art is created using concrete. There are a number of different types of concrete which can be created depending on how much cement is used in the creation process. After the desired shape has been achieved, a process called hydration begins. This is when the paste hardens, strengthens, and solidifies. Concrete is extremely strong and durable once it is hardened! Make sure not to step in Concrete when it’s still wet though, you might get stuck if you’re not careful!

Concrete is a very essential important in the local area and it can be found all over in Franklin, and it is also one of the most versatile building materials along with Asphalt. Concrete has unique and distinct applications in both residential and commercial environments. Here are some common examples of ways concrete is being used in our hometown right now! Road, buildings, dams construction, sidewalks, highways, all incorporate some form of concrete. Maybe it’s likely wherever you are reading this article is near some form of concrete! In Franklin, concrete is an essential part of our developing infrastructure and a very important part of the accommodating the growth in the area.

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Gravel is created by gathering large rocks which are mined from all kinds of different sources. They are kept in large quarries where they are stored to be processed later. In these quarries, the rocks are crushed, exploded, and sometimes mixed with a stone powder. Gravel is very useful, can be used to create pliable, but strong surfaces for walking or driving. Usually, the pieces of gravel can range in diameter from several inches large to very small millimeter measurements. Gravel can also be optimized for specific purposes by altering the size of the pieces from a backyard garden to an old country road. Like normal paved roads, gravel roads have to be taken care of. This helps to control dust, extend the life, and make sure reliable for years to come.

Gravel is a very common type of road in Franklin. It’s frequently found in back roads, and in other less developed places. Man-made gravel, which is used in driveways, roads, and walkways, it usually has sharp edges. Naturally formed gravel can be created over time naturally by places with running water, like rivers. Natural gravel is round or smoothed, and is usually used in landscaping or other places where it will be stepped on with our feet! Old gravel roads are a staple of the Franklin Americana culture. Here is a great local place in Franklin to get your travel needs taken care of.

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