Forestry mulching makes Nashville a more beautiful place to call home while keeping pesky plants at bay. If you have never heard of it, keep reading. Here, we present eight facts about forestry mulching that everyone should know.

1. Forestry mulching removes dangerous, invasive species.

An invasive species of plant is one that grows outside of its natural habitat, and it takes over the land. Kudzu is an example of an invasive species that grows in the Nashville area. Forestry mulching can kill kudzu and other unwanted vegetation by eliminating it at the source: its roots. Once the plant is removed, it is ground up and put back onto the soil but, instead of stealing resources from desirable plants, it becomes nutrients and assists in healthy growth.

2. It is the easiest way to clear a path for fencing.

If you plan to have a fence installed around a large parcel, you will have to clear a right-of-way. Some fence companies require a clear path of 25 feet or more. Doing this by hand can take weeks or months. A forestry mulching service can get it done in a quarter of the time (or less).

3. Fallen trees are no match for a mulching attachment.

A chainsaw is an effective way to remove a fallen tree. However, these machines are dangerous and cumbersome. Our equipment can chip a downed tree quickly.

4. If you have ever walked a nature trail, you have benefitted from forestry mulching.

Parks and natural areas rely on forestry mulching to clear the way for visitors, From Nashville’s Warner Park to Bledsoe Creek outside of Gallatin, virtually every natural trail that you will come across has been drawn by the teeth of a mulching attachment.

5. Clearing land makes it more sellable.

Trying to sell a building lot? Clear it out for the best curb appeal and attract more buyers while keeping the integrity of the land intact.

6. Forestry mulching produces zero waste.

We have already mentioned that forestry mulching turns invasive species into food. However, it is worth noting that the process also eliminates the need for burning, which can save you time and trouble if you need to clear an area during the summer months when burn bans are common. With forestry mulching, you keep Nashville’s dumps clear of unnecessary debris.

7. Want to reduce wildfires? Forestry mulching can help.

Forest fires can not be stopped completely, but they can be discouraged. By removing the dry brush from under the forest canopy, you can reduce the chances of a wayward spark becoming a major disaster.

8. Roads and utility lines can not be installed without it.

65,40,840…none of these highways could exist without forestry mulching. Nashville’s infrastructure requires this vital service to responsibly and effectively cut out a path so that streets, homes, and utility lines can be built.

Hargrove Sealcoating offers forestry mulching to property owners throughout the Nashville area. Trust us to clear your land without disturbing the desirable growth’s root system underneath.