You may be wondering whether or not you should invest in sealing your asphalt driveway. We found a great video that further explains the benefits of driveway sealing. Check it out down below!

And just in case the video doesn’t load properly, we have provided the transcript as well.


Speaker 1: If you’ve neglected your asphalt driveway, it may look something like this, but we can transform it into this. Asphalt naturally contains oils, and is black when healthy. Over time, exposure to the environment and daily wear and tear causes asphalt to oxidize, become gray, and crack. Oil and gas stains will also eat at asphalt. They’ll seep through and accelerate this process. You may be asking how can I prevent these damages. The answer: sealing your asphalt driveway. Let’s take a look at the benefits. First, sealing will prevent oxidation, which turns asphalt gray and causes cracks and potholes. Sealing replaces natural oils found in asphalt. Second, sealing will extend the useful life of your driveway, adding years of life to your asphalt and saving you from expensive replacement costs down the road. Finally, sealing will boost your home’s curb appeal and greatly enhance the entrance to your home. You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood with a driveway that looks like new.

Speaker 1: So what are you waiting for? Don’t neglect your driveway any longer. An affordable way to enhance and protect your home, YSeal Driveway Sealing. Watch as we turn a driveway that’s gray and faded into one that looks brand new. Visit our website or give us a call for more information. Thank you for watching our video, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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