Hargrove Sealcoating has expanded its service offerings to include forestry mulching. Columbia landowners may contract with Hargrove to clear land tracts of any size for new development, agriculture, or aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of mulching versus traditional forestry clearing

Land clearing is a labor-intensive project that can cost a small fortune if done manually. Hargrove Sealcoating’s method employs tools, such as a Bobcat and mulching head attachment, to quickly remove and break up low-lying vegetation, including brush and small trees. Since the process takes fewer man-hours and is faster than traditional clearing services, it saves the landowner time and money. Forestry mulching in Columbia can be as much as 50% less expensive though Hargrove Sealcoating than other companies.

More than just cost savings, forestry mulching is kinder to the environment. Instead of using sheer force to fell trees, mulching equipment grinds the removed material down to the surface, leaving behind a nutrient-rich layer of organic insulation. This feeds the soil underneath and acts as an additional barrier against erosion. Further, since underground roots are not disturbed, there is no chance of damaging the infrastructure of trees the landowner wishes to keep in place. By contrast, bull-dozing uproots everything in its path and removes the biological compounds that are so important to land integrity and soil quality. 

By providing forestry mulching in Columbia, Hargrove can help protect the land its owners and employees call home. Using mulching equipment eliminates the need for other heavy machinery, so the process uses less fuel. There is no need for burning and a diminished chance of erosion. All of this means a lesser impact on the terrain. Selective mulching also makes it possible to leave wildlife habitats in place while providing humans access to forests, rivers, and lakes for conservation or recreational activities. 


Land clearing is necessary before development. In addition to allowing for new construction, forestry mulching in Columbia is also used to level ground for parks and playgrounds, establish food plots, clear walking and ATV trails on public and private land, and minimize the risk of forest fires in wooded areas with dense underbrush. Since Hargrove’s expert machine operators can choose which vegetation stays and which goes, mulching is an effective way to reduce strain on established trees and shrubbery by thinning overgrowth and removing undesired invasive plants that compete with native flora for nutrients. 

Support services

Hargrove Sealcoating offers many services to support the efforts of landowners choosing forestry mulching in Columbia. Excavation, trees and underbrush removal, and forest maintenance are all available. Along with forestry mulching, Hargrove continues to be the area’s leading provider of commercial and residential asphalt and aggregate sealcoating. Contact Hargrove Sealcoating at 931.619.6718 for more information.