A safe parking lot is an essential feature of any commercial property. Not only should the parking lot be free of cracks and potholes, but it should also have clearly visible traffic markings or parking lot striping. It’s an important parking lot feature for the following reasons:

Parking lots have to comply with ADA requirements.

The American Disabilities Act has strict requirements when it comes to commercial parking lots. Accessible parking spaces must be marked with the International Symbol of Access (the figure in a wheelchair), and van-accessible spaces must be labeled accordingly.

Parking lot striping enhances safety.

As a commercial property owner, you have the responsibility to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe. Reduce liabilities arising from personal injury or property damage by marking pedestrian crossings.

It directs traffic flow.

Without visible markers, it’s very easy for drivers to miss exits or be on the wrong lane. Parking lot striping helps guide the flow of traffic into a particular direction.

Parking lot spaces are maximized.

Without parking lot striping, drivers would have the freedom to park anywhere, in whatever way they please. Painting highly visible lines will help to define where each parking spot begins and ends, which also maximizes the space that you have.

It leaves a favorable impression on potential customers.

The parking lot is the first thing a potential customer sees, apart from the building’s facade, when he or she enters your property. Parking lot striping helps give your business a professional and well-maintained appearance.

Hargrove Sealcoating offers parking lot striping in Nashville and its surrounding areas. Its team would be more than happy to apply a fresh coat of paint over fading parking lot markings, enhancing overall customer experience.

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