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Here at Hargrove Sealcoating, we want your business front to look the best it can. While you are taking care of the building, let us take care of your parking lot. We want to make sure the surface is smooth and the lines are crisp and your edges are clean.  First Impressions are really important to potential customers. If your parking lot is full of cracks, potholes, and faded lines it could cause unwanted stress and annoyance to your customers while they make their way to your door(s). We here at Hargrove Sealcoating offer parking lot sealcoating and striping in Spring Hill, TN to make sure your parking lot is looking its best! The process is simple! We will sealcoat your parking lot, which in the end, will provide a nice layer of protection that will block out any rain or standing water, oil from cars, and the suns U.V. damage. After the sealcoating is done, striping the parking lot is the next step. This will help with parking spot definition to be able to tell where each spot starts and stops. Get ahold of us today to come help you with your parking lot sealcoating & striping needs.


Your home is your investment. Taking care of it could become a full time job. Hargrove Sealcoating wants to help you with any of your asphalt and sealcoating needs. When it comes to home repairs, normally the inside gets the most of your attention. If your driveway has gone to the wayside, let us help you get it back into tip-top shape! Unsightly cracks are not only an eyesore, but they are dangerous too. Imagine your child running down your driveway and tripping over one of the cracks, or one day when you are carrying in groceries and you have your hands full and you forget there was a crack in the asphalt and you trip and drop all of your groceries. Let us help you before these issues happen. We will send out an expert to examine your driveway and any other places that may be paved with asphalt for damages. We will then set up an appointment with you to get the work done. Call us today to let us improve the exterior aesthetics of your home along with making it safe for any outdoor activities on your property. Call us today for your driveway and asphalt sealcoating needs!


If you are in the Spring Hill area and are looking for aggregate sealing, you have came to the right place. Hargrove Sealcoating has 10 years of experience in aggregate sealing. Aggregate concrete is known to be one of the most beautiful and popular finishes for driveways. Driveways that are paved with aggregate have exposed rock that glimmers once it is sealed with a glaze. You are able to choose from gray or beige, whichever compliments your home more. A mixture of concrete, crushed stone, sand and gravel make up the special recipe for aggregate. If you are on the lookout for an aggregate driveway, or to repair your existing driveway, make sure you give Hargrove Sealcoating a call today!


When it comes to asphalt, cracks are going to happen, it’s guaranteed. There are many ways that could cause cracks, but the main reasons are, the cycle of the freezing and thawing of the ground, tree root grounding, large vehicles carrying heavy loads, and any contact with sharp objects. Not only are cracks an eye sore, they are also a hazard to people and vehicles. We want to be able to help you reduce any spread of cracks in your aggregate & asphalt. No matter where the crack is, if it’s your driveway, sidewalks, patios, we are able to help you! Temporary fixes work, but that isn’t what we are about. We use high quality material that lasts. We want to make sure our repairs last many years. Contact us at Hargrove Sealcoating because we will provide your residential and commercial crack repair and sealing here in Spring Hill.


First impressions mean a lot when you own a business. If you have fading lines or no lines at all, it could cause unwanted stress for your customers.The staff at Hargrove Sealcoating, we offer parking lot painting and restriping in Spring Hill. It is important for customer satisfaction that they know where your parking spots begin and end, and where our handicap spots are located. If the lines and labels are fading, that means they needed to be repainted and re striped. Before we begin the project, we always take into consideration what will work best for your parking lot. We want to make sure you utilize all the space in your parking lot. Don’t let your customers get frustrated before they even get to your front door. Call us at Hargrove Sealcoating today to help you update your property’s parking lot.


“Matthew and the crew did a great job! The estimate was prompt and once we agreed to have the work done, the crew was onsite and installing very soon thereafter. They definitely knew what they were doing and spent a very long time make sure the surface was prepared and ready to be sealed. I would highly recommend Hargrove Sealcoating for any of your sealing needs!”

Cody Goins

A 5-Star Google Review

“Professional, excellent work, affordable and fast. Mathew and his crew pressure washed my driveway, deck and back patio. They also stained my deck and sealed the drive and patio. Everything looks great. We have the best looking driveway in the neighborhood. I highly recommend Hargrove seal coat.”

Bradley Rodgers

A 5-Star Google Review

“Did an excellent job and well worth the money! Customer satisfaction is a top priority to them!”

Spencer Valdez

A 5-Star Google Review

“Our driveway had been seriously neglected by previous owners and is quite steep. The Hargrove crew went to great lengths to make repairs, fill all large cracks with a special material, and did a very neat job in the process. They were also more than willing to return and do some touch-up on the worst cracks. Very professional and conscientious.”

Dave Neal

A 5-Star Google Review


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