Parking lot Sealcoating in Spring Hill, TN

Unlock the Benefits of Sealcoating for Commercial Parking Lots

It’s common knowledge that a parking lot is one of the most important parts of any commercial property, but what about the upkeep? Commercial parking lots, especially in areas like Spring Hill, TN, and Columbia, TN, need to be managed and maintained on a regular basis to remain in good condition and attract potential customers, boosting curb appeal. Hargrove Sealcoating & Striping is a company that offers various services to ensure proper maintenance of your parking lot, including asphalt sealcoating, asphalt repair, and parking lot striping services. While there are many steps that go into keeping a parking lot in shape, one of the most important is sealcoating. Sealcoating is a process that adds a protective layer to asphalt pavement, preventing damage and prolonging the life of the parking lot. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the many benefits of sealcoating a commercial parking lot and why it’s an important step in the upkeep of any commercial property. Read on to learn why sealcoating is essential to extend the life of your commercial parking lot and make sure it looks its best all year long in Spring Hill, TN, and Columbia, TN!

Quick Insight into Key Points

Sealcoating a commercial parking lot, such as an asphalt parking lot, helps protect it from weather damage, UV rays, and chemical spills. Over time it also can reduce maintenance costs as well as help expand the life of the asphalt surface.

Benefits of Sealcoating for Commercial Parking Lots

It is no secret that sealcoating is extremely beneficial for commercial parking lots. Not only does it provide long-lasting protection from the elements, but it also enhances the aesthetic of the lot, improving its curb appeal. Sealcoating protects asphalt parking lots from water damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles, oxidation due to UV light, and even chemical spillage. Additionally, it enhances lines and markings and makes them more visible for an overall better-looking lot. With these benefits in mind, professional sealcoating services can become a valuable investment for any commercial parking lot project in Spring Hill, TN, and Columbia, TN.

While there are those who may argue that sealcoating may not be worth the cost of installation and maintenance, there are numerous studies that back up the evidence that preventive maintenance through regular sealcoating will extend the life of a parking lot significantly longer than not sealcoating at all. It is much less expensive to spend money on preventive maintenance such as occasional sealcoating rather than repairing more costly problems that arise due to lack of maintenance.

By investing in sealcoating commercial parking lots, property owners in locations like Spring Hill, TN, and Columbia, TN, can rest assured they are creating a safe environment while also preserving their paved asphalt surfaces against severe weather elements and everyday wear and tear. Investing in sealcoating now allows businesses to save money on costly repairs later down the road, making it an excellent business decision.

For these reasons, sealcoating is essential to maximize any commercial property’s assets. In order to keep pavements looking good and easier to maintain in years to come, it is important to take steps toward proper sealing now before damages occur. After discussing the benefits of sealcoating for commercial parking lots, we can move onto discussing how increases in longevity of asphalt driveways contribute to positive outcomes for commercial properties in Spring Hill, TN, and Columbia, TN.

  • Sealcoating protects a parking lot from oxidization caused by UV damage and oxygen, which can reduce its lifespan by as much as 12 years.
  • Sealcoating has been estimated to be 3 times more cost effective than asphalt resurfacing to extend the life of your parking lot.
  • Regular sealcoating can add years of life to asphalt pavement, reducing maintenance costs and extending the lifespan of the pavement by up to 20 years.

Crucial Highlights

Sealcoating a commercial parking lot has many benefits, including protecting it from the elements, enhancing aesthetic appeal, and increasing visibility of lines and markings, making it an essential part of parking lot maintenance in Spring Hill, TN, and Columbia, TN. Investing in sealcoating, like the services offered by Hargrove Sealcoating in Franklin, TN and Brentwood, TN, now can help businesses save money in the long run as it is a much cheaper alternative to repairs for lack of routinely preventive maintenance. To maximize the assets of any commercial property, it is necessary to take steps towards proper sealing with a pavement sealer before damage occurs to the parking surface. This can prevent the deterioration of pavement surface and keep parking spaces in optimal condition.

Increases the Longevity of Asphalt Driveways

The benefits of sealcoating your commercial parking lot don’t end there. Sealcoating can also protect and extend the life of asphalt driveways, improving their aesthetics and pavement life. The combination of sun, water, vehicle traffic, and debris can take its toll on any asphalt surface over time. However, regular application of a quality sealcoat in areas like Franklin, TN and Brentwood, TN can prevent oxidation and wear caused by daily wear-and-tear, resulting in a more durable parking surface. In addition to protecting the surface from damage, regular applications of a quality sealcoat can also help prevent cracks and fading caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Some argue that sealcoating driveways is an unnecessary expense, as resurfacing or patching is an available remedy for damage already done. Although it’s true that resurfacing or patching can be done to repair damage once it’s already occurred, preventive maintenance with sealcoat is often a more cost-effective option. This ultimately helps reduce long-term expenses associated with asphalt driveways. Plus, with regular preventive maintenance, less time and resources will be required for repairs later in the driveway’s lifespan.

Properly maintained asphalt driveways not only look better but are also safer for vehicles and pedestrians alike. For example, a quality sealcoat can minimize water damage and create a slip-resistant coating that helps minimize slips and falls on wet pavement.

Making the investment in regular applications of a quality sealcoat should pay off in both short-term and long-term savings when it comes to maintaining your asphalt driveway or parking lot surfaces in Franklin, TN, and Brentwood, TN. And when it comes to protection against water and chemicals, there’s no better solution than investing in sealcoat applications that will keep you looking good while doing your part to extend your investments into the future.

Prevents Stains From Water & Chemicals

The advantages of sealcoating do not end with increasing the longevity of asphalt driveways, they also help prevent staining from water and chemicals. Sealcoating provides a protective layer against both water and the harsh effects of chemical spills or other contaminants. In addition to this protective layer, any seals applied to the driveway contain compounds that simply repel both water and various chemicals, adding an extra layer of protection.

Without this additional layer, food dyes and other substances contained within oils or other liquids like parking lot de-icer can seep into the asphalt and leave long-lasting stained marks. These marks can ruin the aesthetic of a commercial parking lot and lower its value regardless of its actual condition.

The satisfaction of seeing a clean and stain-free driveway has encouraged many business owners in Franklin, TN, and Brentwood, TN to take up sealcoating as a preventive measure before these potential stains even find their way onto their property.With regular maintenance such as sealing, this prevention is easily achievable while maintaining the look and worth of commercial parking lots in areas like Maury County. Catering to the specific needs of each commercial property, professional companies offer a range of sealcoating solutions at the call of the business owner, ensuring an ideal result.

In addition to providing an attractive aesthetic to the commercial property, sealcoating creates a cost-effective maintenance solution that is easy on any budget while ensuring that it remains in optimal condition for years to come.

Cost-Effective Maintenance Solution

For businesses with asphalt driveways, sealcoating can be a cost-effective solution to prevent water, gasoline, and chemical damage. Unprotected pavement is vulnerable to types of wear and tear, including cracking, potholes, and uneven surfaces caused by oxidation due to UV rays. As a preventative maintenance solution, sealcoating protects the existing asphalt surface from prolonged exposure to sunlight and the elements, helping extend the lifespan of a driveway or parking lot. Asphalt paving and asphalt sealing carried out by a professional company take into account everything, ensuring the best possible results while providing flexibility based on individual factors.

Although applying a single coat of sealant may seem expensive initially, it’s much less costly than repairing significant damage due to inadequate protection. In many cases, businesses have avoided paying for costly repairs by sealing their driveway earlier on in the life of their asphalt, giving them a chance to save money in the long run. The same applies to frequently used areas such as commercial parking lots– an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to sealcoating. Plus, with proper maintenance, sealant applications can last up to three years before needing another round of sealing.

It’s clear that sealcoating provides various benefits that make it an economical choice for businesses interested in increasing the longevity of their commercial parking lots. While there are other materials that require occasional maintenance and upkeep, none provide the cost and efficiency benefits that professional sealcoating does. Investing early on in driveway or parking lot repair will help save money down the line. In order for businesses to save time spent on repairs, as well as additional money for unexpected cameos, taking proactive steps to maintain existing asphalt surfaces through sealcoating is most certainly an advisable strategy going forward.

Reduces Repair Costs & Time Spent on Driveway Repairs

When it comes to saving money in the long run, sealcoating offers a major financial benefit. Because of its protective properties and fast application time, it requires less frequent driveway repairs. Many parking lot owners have reported needing fewer repairs after sealcoating, reducing repair costs and time spent addressing worries about asphalt decay.

Sealcoating creates a barrier between the asphalt and its environment, protecting it from rainwater, snow, ice, and other materials that could penetrate regular asphalt and cause cracks or fissures. This layer will also help repair small cracks on existing pavement surfaces before they become larger ones that require more time-consuming and expensive repairs. Additionally, because of sealcoating’s low cost, property owners can typically afford to apply this preventive sealant more frequently than they otherwise would be able to with a larger repair job.

Not everyone agrees that preventative sealants are always best for maintenance plans, citing expenses on a material that doesn’t solve an existing problem can be a waste of resources depending on the condition of the pavement already.However, the majority of evidence suggests regular sealing is still beneficial to overall protection even if the pavement has no preexisting damage. As one expert might quote, “Sealcoating is essential for maintaining waterproofing and appearance.”

In conclusion, when done properly, sealcoating will reduce repair costs while also eliminating the need for extensive repair jobs in commercial parking lots as often. As an added bonus, this waterproof protection will also effectively extend the life of the asphalt so it retains its appearance for many months after being applied. Allowing property owners to save time spent on regularly scheduled driveway repairs each season by providing an extra layer of protection over their existing pavement surfaces, a professional contractor and their team use specialized equipment and service to efficiently apply sealcoating to the blacktop.

As pivotal as preserving the integrity of a parking lot’s surface is in order to create a professional entryway for visitors or clients, using durable yet cost-effective methods towards aiding waterproof protection is just as important. It is with this idea in mind that many businesses should look further into how sealcoating offers such reliable waterproof protection that also helps enhance the longevity of their asphalt pavements, even during rain.

Sealcoating Offers Waterproof Protection

Sealcoating offers an effective waterproofing protection for commercial parking lots. Its strong, durable coating resists water seepage and eliminates pooling and puddles that can cause significant long-term damage to your driveway. Additionally, it increases the asphalt’s ability to better retain heat, extends its life expectancy and protects it against oxidation in the summer season.

On one hand, some may argue that since sealcoating is not an underlayment or substrate, it should not be used as a waterproofing protectant. However, it still works as an excellent seal which is capable of stopping infiltration of water into the pavement structure. It also has advantages over organic sealers when it comes to degradation caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, chemicals and petroleum products. On the other hand, some may say that seal coats are more difficult to install and require annual reapplication for optimal results. This is valid; however, it is still important to maintain a regular sealcoating schedule in order to maximize its anti-oxidation properties and durability – both of which defend against premature moisture absorption and severe weather conditions. All in all, beyond reducing repair costs and time spent on repairs, sealcoating can also provide reliable waterproof protection for commercial parking lots.

As such an effective protective barrier with multiple advantages for commercial parking lots, sealcoating provides peace of mind to ensure vehicles remain safe during inclement weather. Ultimately though, a key factor remains: understanding how best to avoid damage caused by moisture itself, or by exposure to damaging weather conditions and UV rays from the sun. The value of this information along with best practices in protecting parking lots will be discussed in the next section.

Protects Against Moisture & Damage From Weather & Sun Damage

Sealcoating provides a thick layer of protection between the parking lot surface and the elements, safeguarding it against moisture and damage caused by weather and sun exposure. The sealant, applied by a skilled contractor team using top-notch equipment, acts as a barrier that prevents water from seeping in, protecting underlying asphalt from cracking and other types of structural damage.

Furthermore, sealcoat reflects the sun’s rays away from the asphalt, helping to protect the asphalt from degrading due to the heat. Common side effects from too much sun exposure are bleaching, fading, and discoloration; however, with proper sealing, this can all be avoided. Applied correctly to both new and existing pavement surfaces, sealcoating will help extend the lifetime of your parking lot for many years, making it a valuable service for any business owner.

On the other hand, some experts argue that sealcoating may not offer as much protection against sun damage as suggested since there is no guarantee that the sealing process will adequately cover every crack in your parking lot. Poorly executed repairs or cracks left untreated may still allow moisture and sunlight to penetrate deeper into your asphalt’s foundation. To best ward off these risks, proper preparation prior to seal application is essential. A comprehensive assessment of your parking lot should be conducted first to identify any existing problems such as oil stains or large potholes before any repair work takes place. This will ensure that you are getting maximum protection out of your sealcoat job.

To back up these claims, numerous studies have been conducted that compare sealed pavement surfaces with unsealed ones—revealing dramatic results in favor of properly sealed pavement techniques ensuring fewer repairs and maintenance costs over time. Sealcoating can extend the lifespan of asphalt up to twice its life expectancy; this means less money spent on constant upkeep of your parking lot in addition to slowing or halting further sun damage due to oxidation or ultraviolet (UV) ray degradation.


How often should a commercial parking lot be sealcoated?

The ideal interval for sealcoating a commercial parking lot is 1-2 years. This allows for sufficient time for the sealant to wear off completely, and any underlying damage to be repaired before another coat is applied. Sealcoating regularly will provide numerous benefits for a commercial property -including maintaining the asphalt’s appearance, preserving its life and extending wearability, improving overall safety, and protecting against spills and other contaminants. Additionally, depending on the type of sealant used, it can be an inexpensive way to prolong your parking lot’s life expectancy.

What are the long-term benefits of sealcoating for commercial parking lots?

The long-term benefits of sealcoating commercial parking lots are numerous and include improved aesthetic appeal, better protection from the elements, extended life expectancy of asphalt, reduced maintenance costs, and increased safety. Sealcoating adds a durable layer of protection to asphalt that prevents oxidation and moisture absorption. This helps keep the asphalt looking good, preventing cracking due to water expansion and pavement erosion caused by wind or heavy rains. Sealcoat also protects against oil, fuel or antifreeze spills. It can repel harsh UV rays from the sun, which can damage the pavement over time.

By extending the life of your parking lot surface, sealcoating will help you avoid costly repairs or even replacements. Moreover, it eliminates the need for frequent parking lot repair of minor cracks and provides a smoother surface for cars driving through the lot. This not only keeps vehicles safe but improves overall driver experience in the parking lot. Finally, sealcoating makes any commercial parking lot look great, which can have tremendous benefits for businesses when it comes to attracting customers and creating a positive impression.

What are the types of sealcoating materials used for commercial parking lots?

When it comes to commercial parking lot sealcoating, there are a few different types of materials you can use.

The first is asphalt emulsion sealer; this option is the most common and popular on the market today, as it comes as a liquid that can be easily applied and rolls along with your pavement. This type of material helps protect pavement from water seepage and wear and tear caused by vehicle movement. It also gives a black and clean finish to the area.

The second option is coal tar pitch sealer, which is more resistant to oxidation than an asphalt emulsion. This material will provide longer-lasting protection against oil, fuel, vehicle fluids, and other chemical agents. However, note that coal tar pitch will not resist UV rays quite as well as an asphalt emulsion.

Another option is acrylic sealer; this type of material helps protect your pavement from sun damage, making it ideal for areas that receive lots of direct sunlight. It also adds vibrant colour for a fresh look, works well on sloped surfaces, and provides waterproofing protection.

Last but not least, there are some specialty sealing products available too such as sealers designed specifically for maintaining interlock brick driveways or stamped concrete driveways. These products help preserve their unique surface patterns while adding a layer of waterproofing protection.

No matter what type you choose, commercial parking lot sealcoating can help protect your pavement from harsh weather conditions, vehicle fluids, UV rays, and much more!