If you own a business, apartment complex, or other facility with a parking lot, you must be prepared for all the things that can go wrong with asphalt. Although the asphalt paving process can reduce damage when done correctly, Nashville gets its fair share of undesirable weather, and there are many other things that can damage your parking lot or driveway.

Block Cracking

Block cracking is an asphalt installation error. When asphalt paving compound is applied, the seasonal temperatures throughout Nashville can tear it apart. Fortunately, this is a simple repair, and it does not typically affect the asphalt sub-layers. A thin surface treatment may be all you need to repair block cracking.

Edge Cracking

Edge cracking is caused by the natural erosion of the soil underneath an asphalt surface. Although asphalt paving professionals spend a great deal of time and effort grading and preparing your surface for asphalt, heavy vegetation, excessive traffic, and rain can all cause erosion.

Alligator Cracking

The two primary causes of alligator, or fatigue, cracking are faulty design/installation and excessive loads coupled with poor drainage and major temperature shifts. This type of damage can benefit deep asphalt paving patches that strengthen the integrity from the surface down.

Traverse Cracking

Traverse cracking happens on larger swaths of asphalt that are laid at different times and then joined together. If these are improperly connected, cracks can form due to the natural shrinkage of the asphalt’s outer surface.

Reflection Cracking

Reflection cracking happens below the surface and then affects the outer layer of the asphalt. This occurs when the subsurface shifts or is otherwise damaged. An asphalt paving mixture may be applied to this to reduce further damage.

Slippage Cracks

Slippage cracks require deep patching, and these can indicate the need for extensive repairs. A slippage crack might form when the top layer of the asphalt does not correctly join to the layer just underneath. These are typified by open gaps and wrinkles on the surface.

Other types of asphalt damage:

  • Rutting – intentions from wheels caused by insufficient compaction.
  • Grade depressions – dips in the pavement that hold water caused by settling.
  • Potholes – common throughout the Nashville area, potholes could be caused by a variety of previous damage.
  • Swells – bulging, wrinkling, and cracks caused by the underlying soil.
  • Patch failure – incorrectly installed asphalt paving patches may deteriorate.
  • Weathering – asphalt turns gray with the passage of time and becomes less resistant to water intrusion.
  • Bleeding – bleeding happens shortly after installation when the asphalt binder penetrates the surface and creates a sticky black coating.

Hargrove Sealcoating offers a variety of asphalt patching and repair options along with asphalt paving. If you are a home or business owner in the Nashville area and suspect asphalt damage, contact us today, and protect your investment for years to come.